Xmarc ES 7.0: Licensing Release Notes

Prior to version 6.0, the licensing of Xmarc products was restricted to Fire and its applications.
This is no longer the case for web-deployed services.


Fire/Mosaix licenses

The license name mosaix has finally been dropped. This will mean that the Fire development system will no longer work with a mosaix license. It must now have a license named fire. Users still on maintenance requiring an update can contact support@xmarc.com for gratis replacement licenses.


Web Server 7.0 licenses

ES 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 components implement a new licensing system, whereby products used as back-end services will require licenses to run. The following table shows which licenses will be required to run particular products:

fireFire Development (no change)
mxserverLicense server - mxserver (no change)
mxappdev Application development - applib, appgen (no change)
mxprivilegedApplication development - applib (no change)
fxrender Fire when deployed as a service (FireRender) (since 6.0 )
fxdbif Database interfaces used as services - fx8i, fxodbc, fxinformix, fxmysql, fxsde (since 6.0)
fxtrans Data translators used as services - fxacad, fxmif, fxshape etc. (since 6.0)
uxservice User-written eim servers derived from FxTranslator C++ API (since 6.0)
fxengine Xmarc supplied Java service (since 6.0), including CMT Service
uxengine User-written Java service derived from the XEngine Java API (since 6.0 )

Application licensing remains unchanged.


Unix License Server Daemon

For the license server to run as a daemon, so that it starts and stops automatically at machine boot and shutdown time, 2 new scripts (mxserverd and startmxsd) have been included in the installation, in the same location as the mxserver binary executable.

These scripts must be edited and copied to the OS system directory /etc/init.d.

Current users under maintenance can get appropriate licenses from Xmarc.
Contact support@xmarc.com if you have any queries