Xmarc Enterprise Spatial 7.1 Installation

Installable Products

In this suite are:

Installation for Windows 2000/NT/9x/XP/Vista


If you already have an earlier version of Enterprise Spatial installed, do not uninstall this after installing Enterprise Spatial 7.1 because this will result in new 7.1 registry entries being deleted. If you wish to nunsinstall the earlier version do this before installing 7.1. Consult Xmarc support for details of how to remove it cleanly if you are unsure.

Execute the provided setup executable, which will be called something like setup_es7.1_release1_win32.exe. You must have administrator privileges.

Installation steps

  1. Welcome
    1. The welcome panel shows the details of the product to be installed. Select Next> to continue.
  2. License Agreement
    1. To continue with installation, you should accept the terms of the license agreement.  Click I accept the agrrement then click Next> to continue.
  3. Select Destination
    1. Input the directory where the software is to be installed. The default will be c:\Xmarc\es7.1.
      Change this as required. Use the Browse button if necessary. Click Next> to continue.
  4. Select Components
    1. You may choose from one of the following:
         Full installation: if you wish to install everything
         Client installation: if you wish to install only the client-side components
         Custom installation: if you wish to choose which components get installed.
      Click Next> to continue.
  5. Select Start Menu Folder
    1. Indicate a folder or click the Don't create a Start Menu folder if necessary. Click Next> to continue.
  6. Ready to Install
    1. You will be shown the list of components one last time before the install begins for real.
      Click <Back if you wish to change anything, or Install to install the selected components.
  7. Summary
    1. Before finishing, you will be given the opportunity to view a ReadMe.
      Click the Finish button to complete the install process.

The installation process automatically registers fire.

You can check for correct registration by looking in the registry (use the Windows program regedit at a DOS prompt) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Xmarc/Fire7.1 and checking the entries therein. When Fire is started from inside an ActiveX control it looks at the OLEStartCommandLine registry entry to find out what command line parameters to use.

Running Fire

You can start fire by selecting Start-->Programs-->Xmarc-->Fire 7.1 Development from your Start menu.


You should stop all running services and agents before un-installing the software.

You can remove the software using the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs.

If for any reason the Xmarc software is missing from this list, you can uninstall by selecting Start-->Programs-->Xmarc-->Uninstall ES 7.1.

Note: The un-installer does not remove environment variables.

The un-installer removes all registry entries, so if you have any previous versions of Fire installed you will have to manually re-activate them, e.g. to re-register Fire Version 7 type the following commands at a DOS prompt:
      cd c:\Xmarc\es7\fire\mx\i386\win32\bin
      .\fire -reg
      regsvr32 .\FireService.dll

Use a different folder if c:\Xmarc\es7 was not the installation folder for your previous installation.

Licensing Fire

The Xmarc license server must be running for Fire, and back-end services, to run successfully. The server program mxserver may be found in the relevant bin directory for your installaton, e.g.
and should already be in your search path, set up by the installation process.

If you are a first time user please contact Xmarc Support at support@xmarc.com for assistance.